Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!

There have been a lot of comings and going at The Preservery as of late.  First, there were the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, then there was Tanzania, and then Morocco and then Barbados; a wedding and then a big move across the country…all since the last post.  So, we apologize for the lag in keeping you informed on where in the world we were and what we’ve been up to.  The good news is that after all of this coming and going, we are proud to announce that we have expanded our reality into the beautiful rolling hills of Mulmur in Ontario.

Oh, and if all of that wasn’t enough, we are also about to undergo some changes to our online reality.  Our address will stay the same, but things might look a little different the next time you show up.  Don’t be alarmed!  We’re still the same as always (maybe even a little better for growing) and we do hope that you stay tuned.

(photo credit:  Jim U on Flickr)


New Year, New Fun with a Great North American Jam-Out.

A very Happy New Year to one and to all.

We spent some of the holidays reflecting on 2009, our first year in business, and some time thinking about how to make 2010 filled with more fun and more flavour.  So, there are obviously some resolutions at hand, but the challenge that we are probably most excited to take up is our participation in this most excellent ‘Jam-Out’ being hosted by the also excellent Tigress in a Jam.

January’s pick is citrus.  Not necessarily so local, but since citrus doesn’t grow in the Great White North and we want in on the fun, we’ll bend our own rules a bit.

The good news is that you can play along (we’ll post our recipes) and watch the seasonal wonders stack up in your cupboards.  2010=Magic!

Cherries really are the Cherry on Top!

So…after proclaiming sold-out-ed-ness last week we were doing a bit of reorganizing and uncovered 7 cases of organic cherry based products from Leberoff Farms.

So, we’re back in business until these 84 jars disappear.

Here are the flavours–write to us at if you’d like to place an order and arrange for delivery or pick up:

  • Organic Cherries in Light Syrup
  • Moroccan Spiced Organic Cherries in a Light Syrup
  • Organic Cherry Jam
  • Moroccan Spiced Organic Cherry Jam


Back to the Land-And The Pursuit of Happiness

If you’ve never seen one of Maira Kalman’s beautiful visual articles from the New York Times today is the day to click through and enjoy something special.  In honour of American Thanksgiving, she has produced a truly inspiring visual article/short story that helps illuminate some of the opportunity that exists in our world to reclaim our food systems by applying educational support and democratic will.

We loved the line ‘It is bringing elemental things to the present time with optimism and commerce’ because that is very closely associated with what The Preservery is trying to do.  Elemental things+Present time+Optimism+Commerce.  A little more of this equation in our world probably would result in a more satisfied population.

Feast on this article and when full, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, please pass it on.

Thank You we are Sold Out…For Now

Thanks to everyone who purchased goods from us before, at and after the Eastside Culture Crawl.  Sales were fast and furious and it is with great excitement that we can say that we’re actually out of stock.  Not to worry, however we are back in the kitchen and you can expect more Pumpkin Marmalade, and a series of apple and crab apple jellies to be hitting the shelves before Christmas.

As you know, if you know us, all of our products are sourced seasonally from producers as close to our kitchens as possible.  This means that our winter production is about to be pretty limited as farms everywhere take a winter breath.  But, resting farms won’t make us stop!  We’ll keep busy this winter with a few other projects that incorporate the same philosophies in production, so stay tuned and keep visiting for new Preservery products.  They just may not be edible…other than that, our lips are sealed.

The Eastside Culture Crawl in the Globe and Mail.

The Globe and Mail has caused quite a stir in today’s travel section by writing about our neighbourhood and featuring a photo lovely photo of The Wilder Snail (purveyors of all things good).  We were thrilled to see such a comprehensive article giving Strathcona the love that it deserves.  Come by this weekend for the Eastside Culture Crawl.  We’ll be selling our preserves on Union between Heatley and Princess.

Porcelain meets Glass


How much do we love these vintage-made-modern jars?  A lot.

Vancouver based artist Claire Madill, owner of Heyday Designs is taking found vintage jars and re-imagining them out of porcelain.  Quite splendid indeed.  You can find them here in Vancouver at the Gallery of BC Ceramics (on Granville Island) and Walrus; in Toronto at Made and Distill and in Berkeley at Lola.